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It’s a strange thing when it comes to clear aligners, also known as “clear braces,” and that is the idea that aligners are only good for kids and/or teenagers. This could not be further from the truth. Did you know the vast majority of Invisalign patients are adults? Sure pictures of kids with Invisalign on is what’s shown in most marketing material, but the truth is kids don’t have money – parents do! And these same parents are looking at their own teeth, and making decisions to get their smile the way they always wanted it.

Adults are scheduling Invisalign procedures, by the thousands, every year around the United States. Invisalign is not a fad. It’s the real deal, and the technology has been improved upon, since it first came out on the market almost a decade ago, that more people are willing to invest in it now; more than ever before.

Take a second to think about that. The invisible aligner technology is better today than it has ever been. If you were serious about getting your teeth aligned properly, so you could smile without hesitation of being embarrassed, would you get that problem corrected if you could?  The truth is you can do that today, and if you serious, then when would NOW be a good time to call and schedule your complimentary examination?

Three Reasons you want to consider clear braces:

1. A Smile is Important – Plain And Simple.

People are attracted to certain parts of your face – the eyes, the nose, and mouth, are the first three things people will notice about you when they first meet you. We’ve all heard, “you only have one chance to make a good first impression.” Yes it’s a worn out saying, but it still holds a lot of weight. People do judge you in the first few seconds that they meet you. Whether this is right or wrong is not the purpose of this article. The reality is that this happens. The key is to make sure you are positioned to always make a good impression no matter who you are meeting, and where you are meeting them. One of the best ways to make sure this always goes well is to have a beautiful smile working in your favor.

If you have crooked teeth, gaps, or anything else out of the ordinary that is going to capture the attention of your audience, then whatever that is becomes the center of attention from that point on – not you, and certainly not anything you might be saying. People, for the most part, get easily transfixed on things that are “out of place,” or, like we mentioned before, “out of the ordinary.” Knowing they have these challenges, people begin doing things to try and hide their teeth with awkward hand gestures, or even blatantly covering their mouth when they smile or speak.

This is definitely the wrong approach, as this creates more negative attention, getting people interested in what it is you are trying to hide. With that being said, you can avoid dealing with any, and all, of those issues, when you get your mouth fixed for clear braces.

2. Teeth Always Shift – Regardless Of Age Or Good Oral health.

In life, nothing stays the same. Things are always changing; and the same goes for your teeth. Teeth shift over time, especially with the pounding we give them over the years. Clear braces might be all you need to get them back where they are supposed to be.

Accidents can cause misalignment as well. People are involved in accidents, or injuries every day, that affect their head. While many patients are blessed to have survived the incident, most do not realize that their teeth may have been affected.

Another case of shifting teeth can be attributed to past braces. Not the braces directly, but the steps needed to maintain the result the braces got for the patient. If you wore braces when you were a child, and stopped wearing your retainer, then that’s another to check out clear braces as well.

3. Clear Braces Help To Avoid Oral Issues.

Studies show adults have almost as much teeth misalignment as do children and teens. Whenever there is a misalignment, or a person is suffering from crooked teeth of any kind, the chances of food, and plaque, buildup increase exponentially. Leave this problem untreated for too long, and before you know it, you will be suffering from periodontal disease or gum disease.

As you can see, clear braces are for everyone in your family – including you! Straightening out crooked teeth will change your smile so drastically, people who have not seen you in a long time, will look at you curiously, wondering what is it you have changed that causes you to look so good!

If you suffer from misaligned teeth, teeth with space in between them, or even slightly crooked teeth, then Invisalign is an option you may want to do some more research on; and learn more about.

Of course, these results take time, which means you need to start before you can see any results. Take a look at our list of certified Invisalign providers we hand-picked for patients seeking treatment in NYC.

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